For tutoring sessions held in Evanston (e.g., at Cosi or Panera Evanston by Northwestern University), I charge $90/90min.

As I have gained experience over the years, my travel radius has tightened. Generally speaking, I will not hold sessions at locations other than downtown Evanston.

I will not hold sessions of length less than ninety minutes. I prefer not to hold sessions longer than two hours, because student attention and absorption tend to decrease significantly. If the student has an exceptional attention span for the material, I am glad to make exceptions to the two-hour maximum rule.


Time of payment should be at the beginning of each session.

Form of payment should be CASH.


I regard group lessons as basically antithetical to the concept and appeal of PRIVATE tutoring. I will not hold sessions for more than one student at a time.

Stuart Han - Organic Chemistry Tutor - 773 392 3823

Stuart Han
Private Tutor
Organic Chemistry Specialist
Evanston, IL
Northwestern University