Victor Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hi, my name is Victor. I’m a professional organic chemistry tutor and an academic coach with an outstanding record of success. I’m also the Director and Editor at Chemistry Help Center.

Why Choose Me?

I’m an active practicing organic chemist. I have over 15 years of organic chemistry teaching experience, lab work, and a ton of industrial consulting experience. I’ve personally done virtually every single type of reaction in your textbook. You probably already know that organic chemistry is a no joke class and your success will depend on the quality of help you get. Can you imagine having an top-tier organic chemistry teacher who routinely works with the students from top schools help you succeed in organic chemistry? Well, I am that teacher ๐Ÿ˜€

I specialize in helping college students with organic chemistry and I can help you master organic chemistry and ace your exams!

The knowledge is power and the more you know, the better prepared you are for the exam. How do you know what’s going to be on the exam? Your instructor will probably answer that with “everything we’ve covered so far” statement ๐Ÿ˜‰ Does that sound familiar? I bet it does! Over the years, I grew a nose to what instructors are looking for on the test and what types of questions they ask. So, if you wanna know more, click on the button below or send me a message!

I specialize in online organic chemistry tutoring and make my online tutoring sessions productive, convenient, and fun! Never experienced online tutoring before? Check out how it works here.

Looking for Study Notes or Organic Chemistry Cheat Sheets?

I got you covered! I understand that not everybody is looking for a private organic chemistry tutor (although, I believe that everyone will benefit from having one). So, if you’re looking for organic chemistry guides, study notes, & cheat sheets, I have a constantly growing collection.

Well put together notes are a must for anyone who wants to master organic chemistry. I work hard to make sure that my organic chemistry notes offer top-notch material to prep you for the test!