Recommended Organic Chemistry Tutors

While my schedule fills up very quickly, I’m always happy to recommend some hand-picked tutors you can contact to help you with your course. These are the people I personally know and am happy to vouch for in regards to their organic chemistry knowledge and their ability to convey it.

Julie Smith

  • Specialization: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Format: Online Tutoring
  • Hourly Rate: $80 per hour

I’m a seasoned chemistry teacher. My experience includes 3 years teaching chemistry at the college level in addition to over 25 years of private in-person and online tutoring General and Organic Chemistry.  Many of my students have successfully matriculated into Medical School, Pharmacy School, Physician Assistant, and Nursing Programs. 

I have worked with students from all age groups from teens to non-traditional adult students with a wide variety of personal and academic challenges. I’m well versed working with different types of students and learning styles and can help you find your “disconnect” and push through it so you can succeed! I believe it is critical to understand “the why” of a subject, the underlying concepts and reasons, not just working problems by memorizing a set of steps for a particular problem type. I’ll help you develop fundamental and essential problem-solving skills that will help carry you through chemistry and subsequent courses.

Whether you need help with a particular course or topic or the entire course, it is best to get help ASAP. Waiting until the last minute can “bite you in the butt”!  But if you are in a last-minute situation, I can still help with a cram session if needed. Please contact me with your needs, and let’s see if we can work together!  

I conduct my tutoring sessions entirely online, as it is highly convenient for both parties. I primarily use Skype with Microsoft OneNote (free apps), and can help you get these set up if needed.



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