Organic Chemistry Tutoring Package

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From: $600.00 / month for 3 months

Organic Chemistry Tutoring Package Includes:

  • Guaranteed availability and regular schedule
  • Flexible last minute (re)scheduling accommodation
  • Customized and personalized practice and review materials
  • Unlimited (within reason) Q&A and feedback via email between the meetings
  • Free access to the entire collection of notes including all updates and revisions for the duration of tutoring
  • Free access to the organic chemistry course for the duration of tutoring

All packages cover the entire semester all the way through your finals! Each package consists of three equal installment payments. You can see the monthly installment payment by choosing the number of weekly hours from the options below.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT start your package subscription before we discuss your scheduling!!!

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Only members can purchase the package. Once we discuss your scheduling, I'll grant you a complimentary site membership and you'll be able to start your package.

ATTENTION: I’m fully booked for the Spring 2021 semester and no longer accept new students till Summer 2021.


Having an organic chemistry tutor is pretty much “a must” for most students who want to do well in organic chemistry. OChem is known as one of the toughest college classes for a reason! All the drop and fail stories and broken dreams can certainly seem disheartening. Can you imagine just how much it would delay your academic progress and your career opportunities if you had to retake organic chemistry?

One-on-one organic chemistry tutoring will help you to stay on top of the material, make sure you have a solid foundation, and—ultimately—keep you above the curve in your class. Unlike your typical organic chemistry class with hundreds of students, one-on-one organic chemistry tutoring is all about you. I don’t just lecture like your instructor does, I give you a chance to learn by asking questions and doing practice problems. I run my sessions at a pace that works for you. This way you will have all your questions answered. You can learn more about my teaching style and how I work with my students here.

Regular organic chemistry tutoring meetings vs on-demand meetings

So, what’s the difference between working on a regular basis with me vs scheduling your organic chemistry tutoring meetings when you need them?

Firstly, keeping a regular schedule keeps you more disciplined with your studying and coursework. Having an experienced dedicated tutor guide your learning of organic chemistry will save you hours of study time each week!

Secondly, I’m extremely skilled at finding the weak spots and gaps you may have in your understanding of organic chemistry concepts. I’ll show you all typical “trick” questions, help you develop bulletproof problem-solving strategies, and help you understand the material beyond simple recognition. It’s only possible to fine-tune tutoring to you and your strengths and weaknesses if we meet regularly.

Lastly, I only accept a few organic chemistry students each semester, so I can give them my complete and undivided attention. All my regular students benefit from personalized practice materials, unlimited feedback between the meetings, and additional review sessions before exams if they like some extra practice.

Before starting your tutoring plan, send me a message, so we can discuss your unique situation, needs, and tutoring goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to choose my plan now? Can I change it later?
    We can adjust the number of weekly meetings later in the semester. However, as my schedule fills up with regular students, it becomes more and more difficult to make significant changes, so adding more regular meetings later in the semester may not be possible.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I understand that I’m not a cheap tutor. However, my fees are non-negotiable. When you work with me, you work with one of the top organic chemistry tutors in the US. Packages already offer a substantial discount. If you’re interested in an on-demand tutoring, my current rate is $150 per hour.
  • What if I can’t come to my regular meeting and need to reschedule?
    Not an issue. Just let me know how your schedule looks like for the rest of the week and we can find another time in the future or come up with some sort of arrangement. I’ll do all I can to accommodate your schedule and changes when life happens.
  • I have a very hectic schedule, so regular meetings may be hard to schedule. Can I still benefit from regular email feedback?
    If you’re interested in a regular weekly support, it’s probably going to be something like a 1-hour weekly “schedule” depending on your course and circumstances. Send me a message and I’ll help you decide.

5 reviews for Organic Chemistry Tutoring Package

  1. Sami Brown (verified owner)

    I got my grade today and couldn’t be happier! Thank you for all the support you gave me this semester. See you January 18th for orgo 2! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Victor

      That’s the best xmas present in my books, Sami 😄

  2. Lucy Kenn (verified owner)

    I’ve been tutoring with Victor since mid June and that’s the only thing that saved my grade! Our professor is fresh out of grad school and have never taught a real class before let alone condensed summer online organic chemistry. It was a huge mess. Victor helped me organize my notes and really understand the material. We met every other day and I pretty much learned organic chemistry from him and not from my professor. We also had the ACS final and our professor had no idea what the ACS is all about. Victor wrote me a couple of practice tests similar to what the ACS was supposed to be so I could practice. He’s a true gem and TOTALLY worth the money! You can’t go wrong with Vic as your tutor! I only wish he tutored other subjects as well.

    • Victor

      Summer classes are always tough, but you’re a true fighter, Lucy, so your A is totally deserved! Well done! 👍

  3. Jack Williams (verified owner)

    Thank you for bearing with me this Maymester, you’re the MAN! Just got my grade back, B+! Considering that I totally failed my first test and thought I’d fail the second, it’s a miracle LOL I’m starting orgo 2 in the fall and would love to keep with the regular schedule.

    • Victor

      It definitely was a wild ride, Jack. I’m glad you got it! 👍 See you in the fall.

  4. Samantha R (verified owner)

    Good morning. I just received my grade for the semester. A! I would like to thank you for all your help this past year. I never thought Orgo would go so smoothly for me. You are an amazing tutor! I’m looking forward to continuing lessons in the future! Thank you so much once again!

    • Victor

      Hope you have an awesome rest of your summer now 😀

  5. Benjamin H (verified owner)

    Thank you for putting in so much effort this semester, I just made an A on the ochem 2 final!

    • Victor


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