synthesis practice problems

This section contains various syntheses problems suitable for sophomore (introductory) level organic chemistry students. The synthesis complexity will generally increase down to list but the complexity level increase is not linear, so you might find some syntheses more challenging than the other ones. This list generally follows the reactions you would expect to see in a typical organic chemistry course in the approximate sequence of how they are typically taught. Of course, the curricula are not universal across the schools, so you might find that some that you haven’s seen before are used early on. Don’t get discouraged though. I have a writeup of all reactions you’ll see in these pages if you want to refresh your memory or learn a new reaction!

How to Practice Synthesis

I provide a possible answer for each synthesis here. But I encourage you to start the video for each problem and then pause it right after the synthesis problem is introduced. Give it a try and don’t get tempted by the answer below the video! Better, if you minimize the window as soon as you copy the problem onto your paper.

Once you have your answer, compare it to what I give for each problem. Feel free to share your ideas and alternatives in the comments below. I love the amazing discussions I have with you on YouTube and I encourage you to do the same here!

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