07. Synthesis of 1,2-Dimethylcyclopentane from Methylcyclopentane

This is a classic style of a synthesis where we’re starting with a simple alkane and need to make a new carbon-carbon bond somewhere in the molecule without adding any other functional groups. Of course, you cannot just stick a carbon chain to a molecule that doesn’t have any functional groups. Which means, that we’re first going to add functional groups here, make our carbon-carbon bonds, and then remove all the leftover functional groups to get the final result.

Reactions that we see in this synthesis are:

  1. Radical halogenation
  2. Grignard reaction
  3. Elimination
  4. Hydroboration-Oxidation
  5. Oxidation of alcohols
  6. Dehydration of alcohols
  7. Reduction of alkenes

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