Why Go With Online Organic Chemistry Tutoring?

online organic chemistry tutoring

Finding a location to meet with a tutor is a pain. Traveling to the meeting place can be quite a chore as well, especially if you live in a big city and your tutor is not living close to you or campus. So, I choose to work with my students online. With online organic chemistry tutoring you can meet anywhere and avoid the hassle of looking for a place to meet, traveling to the meeting place (and getting late because of the traffic or transportation problems). And did I mention the weather? If you live anywhere to the north, you know how much “fun” it is to drive in the snow or deal with the winter traffic.

So, here are my online organic chemistry tutoring pros:

  • Convenience! As I’ve mentioned earlier, it truly is very convenient as we can meet anywhere. Would you like to sit in your favorite slippers, with a cup of coffee, and wrapped in your favorite blanket? You got it! Chilling on the porch enjoying the sunset is more like your style? No problem! The only thing you need is a stable internet.
  • Affordability! How much time does it take to travel to some place to meet? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour? Most of my students used to spend on average 45-60 minutes traveling to my Denver downtown office. So, it is your gas, your time, and your energy that is being wasted! Wouldn’t it be much better if you could save yourself a hassle and join the tutoring session by simply logging into a meeting online? Also, as an online tutor I don’t have to include any traveling & parking in my fees passing on savings to you!
  • Keeping it all together! How many times you would write something down during a meeting or a class just to lose the your notes? I know firsthand what a disaster it can be! I once left my notes on the train a week before the final! Although it was years and years ago back when I was a student myself, the memory is very vivid in my mind. Asking all my friends for their notes and then trying to make sense of what they wrote there was an experience I would not like to ever experience again. When meeting with me online, all your notes are stored on the cloud and are available to you anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. So, even if you accidentally misplace your notes or your computer crashes, you still have access to everything!
  • Scheduling is easy! When you are trying to schedule an in-person tutoring meeting, you need to accommodate for the travel time, agree on the place, carry all your supplies with you all day till you meet with your tutor, etc. Meeting online requires none of that! Many of my students come out of class, walk across the corridor to the next available study room, or come home, wrap themselves up in their favorite blanket, and give me a call. As simple as that! So, if you have an hour-long window in your schedule during your school day, you can schedule an online organic chemistry tutoring session!
  • You already have everything you need! You have a laptop, right? Your laptop probably has a webcam and headphones jack? So, you’re all set! You might also want to invest into a writing tablet of some sort (wacom is an excellent choice!) to enhance your experience with online tutoring. If you have a surface device like Microsoft Surface computer, Galaxy Note, iPad, or iPad pro, you can use those for the tutoring session as well!

Are there any cons to online tutoring?

As with anything, there are cons, of course.

  • You need to have a good stable Internet connection. Public networks and free hotspots are generally too overloaded to keep up with the network requirements of the online meeting.
  • Online tutoring also has a little learning curve. In my experience, students get “on board” with all ins and outs of online tutoring by the end of the first meeting.

How does online tutoring work?

Step #1. You’ll need to schedule an initial meeting.
Step #2. Once you’ve booked your meeting, you’ll get an email with the meeting details and join link. When you’re ready to join, just click in the join link and you’re all set!

During the meeting I’ll be sharing my screen with you so you can see everything that I write or we can use GoodNotes to instantly share the notes between our iPads. You’ll have access to all the notes I make instantaneously! This way you can always come back and review our meeting notes at any time. This always allows you to focus on the meeting and the discussion rather than frantic note taking. Here’s an example of the notes from one of my recent organic chemistry tutoring meetings:

online organic chemistry tutoring meeting notes example