See What My Organic Chemistry Tutoring Students Say About Tutoring With Me

organic chemistry tutoring review

Victor really helped me make sense of our video lectures. Taking asynchronous online classes is really hard for me because I can’t ask questions during the class. Our professor did an excellent job explaining topics and her handwriting on the blackboard was a real artwork but I felt like it was a little rushed at times and I often needed a bit of clarification when watching the lecture videos. We don’t have a textbook and the one they recommend didn’t help much so I felt like I was drowning in all the reactions and concepts in this class. Since Victor has obviously tutored at UMich before he knows the course well and I felt like it was a good match for me personally.

– George, University of Michigan

I’ve had a pleasure of tutoring with Victor for two semesters and I have to say he’s one of the most brilliant teachers I’ve ever met! His knowledge of organic chemistry is truly encyclopedic. Reaction name? He’s got it. Some random pKa value? He knows it off the top of his head. I don’t think he had to look up anything or consult the textbook a single time during our tutoring this whole year. I also love how he makes the subject more relevant and relatable by bringing up historic facts and real lab experience into his explanations.

Victor has a very unique tutoring style. His style is kinda like a sports coach. He’ll quickly pick you apart and find every weak spot you have and then make you work through those topics. Many times I’d come to the tutoring and feel like I’ve got it and then walk into a trap! The first time it happened I was very frustrated and discouraged. But then I realized that if Victor didn’t show me my weak spots I would’ve not even known that I didn’t know or understand something. So it quickly turned into a game where I was like I think I know my orgo, now you show me what I’ve missed!

Victor genuinely wants you to succeed. He was very patient with me when I was stuck. He was always willing to go an extra mile to help me with my last minute requests and random questions. He was always honest with me about where I stood and what I needed to do to improve. He always looked through my tests to check that my answers were getting graded fairly. Our professor made a mistake on our second midterm and nobody noticed it till Victor pointed it out to me. I brought it up to the professor and he gave the entire class 5 points back!

Overall, I’m very happy with Victor’s tutoring. He’s an amazing tutor and I’ll be recommending Victor to every chemistry student that I come across in the future!

– Sami, [redacted for privacy] University

Good morning. I just received my grade for the semester. A! I would like to thank you for all your help this past year. I never thought Orgo would go so smoothly for me. You are an amazing tutor! I’m looking forward to continuing lessons in the future! Thank you so much once again!

– Samantha, Cornell University

Thank you for bearing with me this Maymester, you’re the MAN! Just got my grade back, B+! Considering that I totally failed my first test and thought I’d fail the second, it’s a miracle LOL I’m starting orgo 2 in the fall and would love to keep with the regular schedule.

– Jack, University of North Carolina

I’ve been tutoring with Victor since mid June and that’s the only thing that saved my grade! Our professor is fresh out of grad school and have never taught a real class before let alone condensed summer online organic chemistry. It was a huge mess. Victor helped me organize my notes and really understand the material. We met every other day and I pretty much learned organic chemistry from him and not from my professor. We also had the ACS final and our professor had no idea what the ACS is all about. Victor wrote me a couple of practice tests similar to what the ACS was supposed to be so I could practice. He’s a true gem and TOTALLY worth the money! You can’t go wrong with Vic as your tutor! I only wish he tutored other subjects as well.

– Lucy, [redacted for privacy] University

Victor is an incredible Organic Chemistry tutor. He’s able to diagnose your current level in chemistry to create specific problem sets that help you learn as quickly as possible. Victor will turn your weakness intro strengths in no time! Victor’s many talents include the ability to explain concepts in multiple different ways until he finds an approach that work for you. He’s extremely patient and will help you until you achieve your goals.

– Elena, John Hopkins University

Victor is an excellent tutor. He had answers to every question I had, even if it wasn’t on the topic we were reviewing. Thanks to the lessons I had with him, I scored 20 points above the mean on every test that he helped me prepare for. I would highly recommend him.

– Jake, Colorado University-Denver

When I first read about Victor, I wasn’t sure he would be worth the price for organic chemistry help. But it turns out the old saying really is true: you get what you pay for. He is very knowledgeable, dedicated, helpful, and a true gem. His teaching does not end when the lesson is over. He careful assesses the areas where he feels you need the most help and preps for the next lesson so that he can target those areas and challenge you as needed. He is always available for questions outside the lesson. I couldn’t be happier. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Victor.

– Nick, Ohio State University

I have been struggling with organic chemistry a lot and I have to retake the class in order to get into pharmacy school and in our very first lesson I felt that I could actually pass the class ! He’s an excellent teacher and explains things in simpler terms.

– Anna, University of California

The answer to a cry for help!

– Sam, University of Louisiana

I wish I could have found Victor sooner. He has helped me out so much in the few lessons that we have had. I’m feeling a lot better about organic and it’s all thanks to him.

– Samantha, University of Southern Alabama

I’ve been getting tutored for my final exam for Ochem III and Victor has been a great help. I’m someone who has struggled with Ochem from the very beginning and he is very patient and clear when teaching me anything from concepts, reagents, mechanisms, to spectroscopy. He gives amazing pointers and has helped increase my confidence to tackle any ochem problem that I may face for my final! He is also very quick to respond by email and promptly answers questions! I would really recommend!

– Karen, University of Washington

Best tutor I have ever had!

Victor is extremely knowledgeable about organic chemistry! He is helpful with all problems that I have not by giving me the answer directly but by walking me through how to solve it. He shows me many different ways of looking at a problem to better understand not just the problem being worked but also strategies to tackle similar problems. I would very highly recommend a lesson with him if you want to do well with organic chemistry!

– Allen, University of Northern Carolina