I would love to collaborate/help you promote your Twitter/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube etc.
If I need an agency to help me promote my content, it surely won’t be a random guy from the internet who sent me a message.

Can you help me with X? Can you explain me Y? Can you tell me more about Z?
If you want me to help you, you should schedule a meeting.

I just have a quick question. Can you answer just this once?
No, I cannot. I receive upwards of 50 messages weekly from strangers just like you with just a quick question. If I spend 15 min quickly answering each of those quick questions, it’s over 12 hours weekly. You want my help, schedule an appointment.

I have an exam in two weeks. Can you help me prepare to it?
I dunno 🤷‍♂️ It depends on your and my current schedule and how much help you need. Submit the application and we’ll go from there. I rarely have “last minute” availability, and if I do, I’ll always prioritize my current regular students. If I have an opening, you can schedule a meeting here.

I have an exam in 3 days. Can you help me with it?
Let’s be candid here, we both know what you’re asking for. Can I guarantee you’ll get an “A” on the test if I “help” you with that? Absolutely. Am I willing to jeopardize my reputation by doing so? Unless your offer allows me to pay off my mortgage, put my kids through college, and retire tomorrow, then no.

So, you’re an organic chemistry tutor, right? What is your experience with organic chemistry tutoring? How do you approach teaching organic chemistry?
I’ve been tutoring college-level organic chemistry since 2004. I emphasize problem-solving skills in my sessions. You can read more about my tutoring on my tutoring page.

Can you provide references or testimonials from past students?
You can read some of my recent students’ testimonials here.

How much do you charge?
My current rate is $200 for a 60 min appointment.

Is it still possible to only schedule meetings when I need help without committing to a semester/term package?
Absolutely. However, I always prioritize my regular students and their schedule. Chances are, you may not be able to schedule a meeting when you want because my schedule has already been filled by my regulars. This is especially true during the finals so you’ll have to book your meetings at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

Do you offer any custom tutoring packages?
Yes, if your course or academic situation doesn’t fit a typical term or a semester or you want some sort of special tutoring arrangement, I can put together a custom package for you.

Do you offer discounts?
I understand that I’m not a cheap tutor. However, my fees are non-negotiable. When you work with me, you work with one of the top organic chemistry tutors in the US.

Can I adjust the number of meetings/hours later in the semester?
Sure. Adding more meetings, however, might be challenging once my schedule for the semester is settled.

Can I schedule an additional meeting from time to time, like before exams or for extra reviews?
Yep, provided I have an opening in my schedule.

Are we going to be a good match?
The reality is: not every tutor and their personality and style works for every student. The personality, the style, the expectations, and the “vibe” needs to match up for a good and productive collaboration. That’s why I always insist on the initial meeting before you commit to the semester or a whole year with me.

Can I do a trial meeting before I commit to a package?
That’s precisely what the intro meeting is for! I don’t do “free trials” of any sort. If you want to see whether we’re a good match, you should schedule a one-off meeting.

What are your expectations from students you work with?
I’m not here to be a substitute for your class, your textbook, and your professor. If you expect me to lecture you the material and learn about the concepts from me instead of learning them in class, I’m not your guy. My job is to help you systematize and make sense of the information you’ve already seen. So, I expect you to go to your lectures, read your textbook, and bring questions!

What materials or resources do you use in your tutoring sessions?
I have access to a large collection of unique practice questions. In addition, I keep copies of recent editions of most common textbooks used in organic chemistry classes.

How do you assess progress and adjust your teaching approach as needed?
I give my students plenty of practice questions to master their skills. I regularly give my students feedback on their work and adjust the tutoring based on their progress. The more “homework” you do, the better I can tune the meetings to work on any gaps in your understanding.

How do you meet with students?
I’m a 100% online organic chemistry tutor. I use zoom for my online meetings for video and audio conferencing support. I also use GoodNotes for notes, feedback, and collaboration tools. I typically do minimal lecturing and emphasize practical skills in my meetings, so you must have a way for drawing on the screen (iPad, Surface, drawing tablet, etc.) to be able to fully participate in the meetings and benefit from them. I only offer in-person tutoring at my local college and if it’s your college you’d already know where and how to find me on campus 😜

Can I do tutoring together with a friend or a classmate?
Absolutely! Unlike most other tutors, I don’t charge extra for additional students. If you want to bring a friend, you’re welcome to do so! Group meetings open an opportunity for the peer-to-peer discussion and brainstorming. However, the group meetings will have less individual attention you would be normally getting in an individual meeting.

What if I can’t come to my regular meeting and need to reschedule?
Let me know how your schedule looks like for the rest of the week and we can find another time in the future or come up with some sort of arrangement. I’ll do all I can to accommodate your schedule (within reason and my current availability) when life happens.

I have a very hectic schedule, so regular meetings may be hard to schedule. Do you offer any asynchronous tutoring via email?
Yes. If you’re interested in a regular weekly email support, I can work out a package for you that would fit your needs. Send me a message and I’ll help you decide. I charge $150/wk for email/feedback only support.

Do you tutor general chemistry or biochemistry? Do you tutor other subjects?
I specialize in organic chemistry and graduate-level organic chemistry. I very rarely accept biochemistry students and only take biochemistry students who took organic chemistry with me. I exceptionally rarely (read “never”) accept general chemistry students. I do not tutor other subjects.