I am a Private Tutor
with a specialization in Organic Chemistry.

Are you a student in Organic Chemistry at a university in Chicago? I would like to help you ace your class.

Organic Chemistry can be the monster of pre-medical requirements. Even the most ambitious of students can be overwhelmed by the barrage of facts and principles that are required knowledge at test time. Organic Chemistry is the number one reason why students drop pre-med and never obtain their MDs.

Over the years, I have worked with countless students who have now achieved their goals of becoming physicians, dentists, and nurses. My very first student called me when he had been admitted to medical school (which he completed at Georgetown University). He claimed that I had 'righted his ship' -- that is, he credited me for correcting the course of his career! I believe that his own energy and devotion had been the deciding factor in his success. However, I also believe his achievements in Organic Chemistry boosted his confidence, so that he knew he could easily take on any other class. (Dr. Pepek is now a physician on the East Coast.)

I am patient, thorough, and very experienced. Most importantly, I enjoy the material and instructing it. It makes me proud to see my students succeed.

I want to see you succeed!

My name is STUART HAN. I currently work and reside in Evanston. I have worked with students mostly from Northwestern University and Loyola University; I have also had students who attended Northeastern University, DePaul University, and the University of Illinois in Chicago.

I have been instructing college students (in both pre-medical and nursing programs) in Organic Chemistry since 1997, at universities in the District of Columbia, Boston, and Chicago. Please browse my site to see both my qualifications and instructing philosophy.

- Organic Chemistry is the Gatekeeper -

Stuart Han - Organic Chemistry Tutor - 773 392 3823

Stuart Han
Private Tutor
Organic Chemistry Specialist
Evanston, IL
Northwestern University