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Save a ton with this bundle offer and get all the organic chemistry notes, summaries, and cheat sheets we have in store! That’s more than 200 pages of meticulously hand crafted, designed and color-coded notes! This is one of the most comprehensive collection of organic chemistry notes available on the Internet and it is constantly growing!

This collection currently includes:

  1. Bonding and resonance (from VSEPR theory, to common patterns, to types of resonance, etc.)
  2. Detailed notes on nucleophiles, electrophiles, substitution, and elimination mechanisms
  3. Reactions of alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, aromatic compounds, carbonyls (aldehydes and ketones), carboxylic acids, enols and enolates and more with detailed mechanisms and explanations!
  4. Stereochemistry including the chair conformations, enantiomers, diastereomers, and meso compounds
  5. Spectroscopy with a details step-by-step guide to solving spectra

I constantly update, expand, and tweak my notes to make them the ultimate guide to your success in organic chemistry! By purchasing the entire collection, you get all sets that I currently have in store so you can do a review for your finals and MCAT later. This way, you can come and download what you need right now and come back later for more when you’re ready for it.

Are you looking for a comprehensive set of organic chemistry summary notes? This is exactly a set like that! With over 200 pages of notes, summaries, examples, tips & tricks, and detailed mechanisms, this is truly one of the most comprehensive collections you can get to help you ace your next exam.

How are these organic chemistry notes different?

I carefully design my summary notes based on how students use them. When you write your notes, you probably start a new topic on a new page, right? You probably don’t try to jam as much stuff as you can on a single page? I approach my notes with the same idea: each topic or a reaction is its own page (or two if that’s a long mechanism). This makes these notes perfect from printing out and adding to your organic chemistry binder. You can only print the pages you want and you’ll never have to worry about awkward breaks.

I also use a consistent color coding scheme throughout my notes, so it is very easy to follow them. For instance, I only use red for curved arrows in the mechanisms. This way, you can always easily skim the mechanism to get the feel for the electron flow that will be visually distinct from the rest of the notes!

I can take my own notes, why do I need these?

You absolutely can you you should take your own notes! When you’re rewriting or reorganizing your own chemistry notes, however, you’ll be facing the challenge of condensing, reworking, and cleaning up your notes into a concise summary that you can use later on for reviewing. This takes time. And I kid you not, this takes hours if not days out of your life! Hours and days you could’ve been studying or practicing problems! I’ve done this work for you and I put my 15 years of teaching experience into organizing these organic chemistry notes into the most productive form for studying and review. For each topic I always start from the general overview, followed by the details and then, examples. This is a research-proven way to study chemistry that I embody in my summary notes.

Organic Chemistry Collection Contents

  1. Spectroscopy (14 pages)
  2. Bonding and Resonance (10 pages)
  3. Stereochemistry (9 pages)
  4. Substitution and Elimination Reactions (11 pages)
  5. Alkenes
    • Reactions of Alkenes (28 pages)
  6. Alkynes
    • Reactions of Alkynes (16 pages)
  7. Alcohols
    • Reactions of Alcohols (15 pages)
  8. Aromatic Compounds
    • Aromatic Compounds and Aromaticity (5 pages)
    • Reactions of Aromatic Compounds (16 pages)
  9. Aldehydes and Ketones
    • Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones (22 pages)
  10. Carboxylic Acids
    • Reactions of Carboxylic Acids (18 pages)
  11. Enols and Enolates
    • Reactions of Enols and Enolates (30 pages)

I constantly work on my organic chemistry notes and update them based on your feedback. I also regularly add new notes and new topics to existing sets. Is there a specific set you want to see in this collection? Just let me know and I’ll add it to my “to do” list.


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