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Are you looking for full curved-arrow mechanisms and stereochemistry of reactions of alkenes? These are the notes for you!

What’s Included:

  1. Catalytic Hydrogenation of Alkenes
  2. Halogenation of Alkenes
  3. Oxyhalogenation and Alkcoxyhalogenation of Alkenes
  4. Hydrohalogenation, Catalytic Hydration, and Addition of Alcohols to Alkenes
  5. Anti-Markovnikov Radical Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes
  6. Oxymercuration-Reduction and Alkoxymercuration of Alkenes
  7. Hydroboration-Oxidation of Alkenes
  8. Alkene Epoxidation
  9. Ozonolysis of Alkenes
  10. Dihydroxylation of Alkenes
  11. Cyclopropanation of Alkenes

Total 28 pages of detailed organic chemistry study notes on reactions of alkenes!

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2 reviews for Alkenes

  1. Maria

    The only site that gives detailed and understantable reports without skipping a single step.

    • Victor

      Thank you for your kind words, Maria!

  2. Olivia Garcia

    I got his for my exam. Our professor loves mechanisms. These notes really helped me to review the mechanisms and write them on my exam. Highly recommend!

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