Acid-Base Chemistry

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Acid-base chemistry is one of those topics that surfaces in almost every topic in organic chemistry, so having a good acid-base reference and review notes is a must!

What’s Included:

  1. Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis acids and bases
  2. Acid-Base equilibrium and what influences it
  3. How to predict the state of the acid-base equilibrium
  4. Typical and tricky acid-base exam questions with a complete explanation of how to approach those
  5. Handy 1-page pKa table cheat sheet

Total 13 pages of detailed notes on the acid-base chemistry you’ll need to know to ace your course.

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2 reviews for Acid-Base Chemistry

  1. Rami Satya

    We’re about to start chapter 4 in class. I’m excited to pre-learn the topic from your notes(:

  2. Nina S


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