Bonding and Resonance

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This set of summary notes goes over the fundamental concepts of bonding in organic chemistry that is absolutely essential for understanding of organic chemistry mechanisms and reactivity.

What’s Included:

  1. Common Bonding Patterns in Organic Chemistry
  2. Hybridization
  3. VSEPR Theory and 3D Shapes
  4. Molecular Orbitals
  5. Curved-Arrow Formalism
  6. Hyperconjugation
  7. Resonance Structures
  8. …and more!

Total 10 pages of detailed study notes on bonding and resonance in organic molecules!

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1 review for Bonding and Resonance

  1. Rami Satya (verified owner)

    Good summary of what we’re currently doing in class. Will definitely be back for more when we start other topics.

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