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Stereochemistry is a fundamental topic in organic chemistry. This is a detailed set of notes going over the most important topics in stereochemistry to help you ace your exams!

What’s Included

  1. Types of Isomers
  2. Stereochemical Drawings
  3. Meso Compounds
  4. Newman and Fischer Projections
  5. Cahn-Ingold-Prelog (CIP) Priority Rules
  6. Stereochemical Descriptors (stereodescriptors: R/S, E/Z, D/L)
  7. Stereochemical Description of Reactions
  8. Stereochemical Resolution of Enantiomers
  9. Optical Activity and Optical Activity Calculations

Total 30 pages of detailed notes on stereochemistry of organic molecules! This set includes description of common mistakes, examples illustrating concepts, and useful tricks in addition to the theoretical material you must know for your exams.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of stereochemistry? Do you struggle to visualize organic molecules in three dimensions? Look no further than these comprehensive stereochemistry notes!

With over 30 pages of detailed notes, these notes cover all of the essential topics you need to succeed in stereochemistry. But these notes are more than just a list of concepts – they offer a detailed step-by-step approach to each topic helping you avoid the frustration that often comes with learning stereochemistry.

One of the biggest challenges in stereochemistry is learning how to properly draw molecules in three dimensions. These notes provide detailed explanations of the different types of isomers, as well as techniques such as stereochemical drawings, Newman and Fischer projections, and Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority rules. With these notes, you will learn the common do’s and don’ts of 3D molecular drawing, so you can avoid common mistakes and be confident in your understanding.

But that’s not all – these notes also cover the stereochemical descriptors (R/S, E/Z, D/L), stereochemical description of reactions, stereochemical resolution of enantiomers, and optical activity and optical activity calculations. Plus, they include examples and useful tricks to help you master the material.

Don’t let the complexity of stereochemistry hold you back. With these notes, you’ll have the tools and emotional support you need to ace your exams and succeed in organic chemistry.

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  1. Aaron Abramow

    This set has way more information than we’ve covered in class but it looks like we may cover more in the future so I’m sure it will come in handy since it has topics that we’ve learned earlier in the course too.

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